Questions in Resume Creation and Update Resume

What is Role in the Project Section?

The Role field specifies the part you played in the team during the project. Basically you have to define what your major responsibility/designation during the project. For example, you can be a Quality Engineer, Project Manager, Developer, Accountant etc.

What should be the Company Name for the non-commercial projects in the Projects section?

You need not to specify the Company Name for non-commercial projects. For Example, if you are adding your Degree Project in the Project Section then you can specify Degree Project in the Company Name field.

Can I specify more then one level of education in the Education section?

You can specify all your degree levels in the Education section. Just describe one level of education at a time and click Update and Add more Education. The hierarchy of your educational level should be from top to bottom, i-e, highest level of Education should be specified first and then the rest.

What is maximum limit of resume at

Create Multiple resume in your account, its allow you to create five resume . You can add your multiple skills to achieve your professional career.

What should be the title of my resume?

When you apply for a post then the first thing that appears at employer’s end during short listing is the title of the resume. So, we suggest that the title of the resume should be according to the job description but on top of that it should reflect your qualification i.e. Project Manager Director, IT, Sr. Systems Analyst, IT Marketing.

How to Delete Resume?

Before applying for any job you want to delete the resume permanently, please follow these steps:

  1. Please SignIn to your BrightSpyre account.
  2. Select the Update Resume link from the menu on your homepage. Signing-In to the website
  3. Choose the Delete option to remove the desired resume.
  4. Click Ok to confirm the deletion.

Once you have applied for any position then you cannot delete it. You can update your resume for further applications.

How do I Update or Edit my resume?

To update your resume, please follow few simple steps:

  1. Please signing in to your account of BrightSpyre.
  2. Click on the link of "My Resume" from the home page.
  3. Choose edit of the desired resume. Signing-In to the website
  4. Update your resume and save it.

Why the resume creation process is so lengthy?

We allow our members to create a detailed resume to ensure that any minor or inconsequential aspect is not left undiscovered. This benefit in two ways:

  1. It provides a thorough implementation of the resumes to the Employer in a standard form.
  2. It allows job seekers to cover any related aspect regarding their career.

How do I create resume?

To create your resume, please follow few simple steps:

  1. Please Sign In to your BrightSpyre account as describe bewlow in the figure. Signing-In to the website
  2. Click on the link of "My Resume" from the home page.
  3. There you can find.
  4. Create Detail Resume. Signing-In to the website